Friday, 13 January 2012

Is there a Blogger problem?

I am experiencing a big problem on my blog. After I have clicked to read comments the page changes to the comments page but then it is frozen. I can't do a thing, and have to literally cancel out of the internet, to get back in again. I did notice there seems to be the word REPLY now added after people have posed a comment. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Though if you make a comment to this plea I may not be able to read your comment. Oh! Woa! is me! I feel so isolated with this, being unable to communicate.


  1. I was having trouble last evening. I could pull up my blog, but if I tried to open comments on one my posts, my blog would freeze up, though the system monitor did not recognize it as being unresponsive. Oddly, when I switched to my iPad, no problems. Out of town today, so not surebifproblem continues on my PC. Hope your problem oes away shortly. Have a good weekend. Yvonne

  2. I think there is a major problem with blogger sweetie. I am able to comment via my iPad but not my main computer. Stick with it I'm sure it will sort itself out sooner or later.
    Dawn xxx

  3. Hi Caz, I think blogger has some problems these days. I couldn't found my blog last Tuesday... I got the message "This blog has been deleted" - can you imaging how I felt ??? After I've tried some clicks here and there and got a new password all was okay.