Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hobson's Choice~ Google Chrome

Hi, to all my followers and those who may have just popped on for a sneaky peak after seeing my title.
For two days I have been unable to add anything to my blog or access my Dashboard to contact my DT private sites. This came about totally  out of the blue. The only information I was given was that Blogger no longer recognised my service provider, I was instructed to go to Google Chrome. I love my blog, it is my contact with the outside world, and I do mean world, for it still amazes me, how small the world has become with the aid of the computer and for me especially in blogland. I also greatly appreciate I can have all of the fun, friendships and contacts as I do for FREE. So I shouldn't grumble, but I have been so upset for the past few days, because I am so computer illiterate, I felt deserted and was unable to do anything. I, however, am lucky, for my son was able to help me out by sorting out Google Chrome for me, so I am now back into the land of blogs. The reason I am adding this to my blog is in case anyone out there is on Internet Explorer and receives the message I described above, for them not to panic as I did, for it does all resolve if you convert to Google Chrome ~ indeed Hobson's choice but better than nothing and better than having to pay for it.


  1. Hi Caz, glad you've mamnaged to reconnect to your dashboard. I changed from IE to Firefox some time ago.. must be about a year now because of many problems with IE.. It's been plain sailing since. Hope Google Chrome works for you.
    suzi b xx

  2. Hiya! Ooh, I really felt for you when I read your post. I started my blog to inspire my daughter for her art and accidentally inspired myself too!! I love my blog and the lovely people I talk to. I'm happy you sorted it all out. Big soothing cyber hug coming at you xx

    1. Thanks ladies, I am still puzzled. maybe someone can help me. How do I get to what was the Dashboard, so I can access my private DT blogs? Caz

  3. Hi Caz, I too have been using Google Chrome for the past fortnight and its loads better. I use Firefox at work. The rest of my family have no probs with Internet Explorer but they do not blog. Hope it continues working for you love - Suzanne x

  4. Hi Caz, well we got you converted to Chrome at last, sorry it was such an upsetting process. It can only get better now, fingers crossed. My dashboard stayed intact when I changed. Will give you a ring later.
    Yvonne x

  5. Hi Caz, sorry to hear of your problems,hope all stays well for you now. I'm like you, hopelessly incompetent with computer issues,keep up the good work , I love your blog


  6. Hi Caz, I also converted to Chrome months ago because IE was such a pain and sooooo slow. Now I have got used to it I find it's great so don't worry you will find it all soon.
    Have a great day.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  7. It can be awful when computer problems happen and you can't go into Blogland - like being place under house arrest! Chrome is brilliant though - I use it when I come across a blog in a different language because there's a button on the top tool bar that automatically translates for you! Vicky x