Sunday, 26 August 2012

Game On at CD Sunday Challenge

This week at CD Sunday Challenge, our challenge for you is GAME ON - now you may initially think this is obvious, but when you take time to think there are many variations and uses of the word GAME, as you will see when you pop over to the blog. Remember to enter our challenge part or all of your entry must be related to the theme of the week. I look forward to visiting all of your entries to see which direction you have taken.  
I am at a loss, I've had my computer cleansed of cookies etc, which is probably a coincidence, but if anyone can advice I greatly appreciate. When I click on Photo it no longer has Browse for me to go to My Pictures, for me to transport a picture of my card. I would appreciate any HELP! You can of course view my card on the main blog. I'm off to have a good weep and hope someone can help me with yet again another irritation.
PS Thanks for the wise words and phone call Christine, time has been the healer. once again Blogger has caused me to have a knee jerk reaction panic. Phew! hopefully back to normal.


  1. Hi Caz, I am sorry to read this but I am at a loss too as what to do. Just been on my blog to insert an image just in case blogger is acting up but it seems fine. Perhaps leave it for a while and try again later, sometimes this sort of thing correct's itself.
    Christine xx

  2. Oh dont you just love blogger Caz, you and i seem to have all the luck with it, lol, well i can see your lovely card so i take it it's back to normal (whatever that IS). I Love this card, so perfectly put together, you have a great style.
    sue-b xx

  3. Hi Caz, so pleased you are 'back' with us. Your card is lovely and it would have been a shame not to show it on your blog. Hope Blogger behaves's for you.
    Christine xx

  4. I missed all the dram this morning with you not being abe to upload your image - not that I've have been any help!
    Love your choice of 'game'. I hadn't thought of indoor games at all. Weird as I don't do outdoor sports either. Brilliant card and one of those that would do for anyone - male, female, sportsperson or fan.
    Beryl xx

    1. Like you I don't do outside games, I am more around the table games person these days. Thanks Beryl for the lovely comments. Caz

  5. What a fantastic take on the theme Caz. Really super card. Michelle x