Wednesday 21 November 2012

Maxed Out on Photos - HELP!

I need some help and advice. I have had my blog for I think, two years, which as the time has passed has become more busier. I now find today, that I have reached my Max of 1 GB for photos, doesn't mean a thing to me, but it must be a lot in two years. I'm not complaining for a free service has been terrific, but I don't want to have to start paying per month for it, so Question is - What shall I do?
Choice 1 = Start another blog - sending my new blog address to all I know.
Choice 2 - Go backwards and delete as much as I can giving me more space.
Anyone had this experience I would appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.
I do have some scheduled DT pics to go live soon so do need to make my mind up pretty quick.
UP-DATE - After deleting almost all of 2010, my darling OH has insisted I pay the money, he is insistent it is my hobby and after all what is £1.94 a month compared to what I spend on stamps, I suppose that was what won me over. So I can now get up to 25 GB, that should last me out, he he !! 


  1. I had the same thing a while ago - I decided to pay. It cost me less than a fiver and now I'm unlimited. Will have to re-subscribe after a year though - Jacqueline xx

    1. It seems you may have the pre April 2012 plan now referred to as the Old Plan. The new plan you pay monthly form $2.99 to $4.99 per month. Caz

  2. I had no idea about this!!! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hi Caz, Joan W has had the same problem - Netty advised her to make her pics smaller. You might want to pop over to her (Joan - Night time stamping)
    Avril x