Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mixed Media Workshop Result

Last Saturday,  I had the greatest pleasure in attending a full day workshop with Sarah Hallum  (Peerless Designs CDs and Masks)  at Frankie's Craftytouch Clark shop in Darlington. It was a wonderful day, of learning new techniques, in mixed media with a super group of women and of course the very talented Sarah. I am no artist, yes, I am a crafter, but not an artist. With an ink pad and a stamp, I feel I will pull off a pretty decent image. With tubes of paint and a paintbrush I am totally in an alien area. With the guidance of Sarah this is the canvas I managed to complete on the day. it still needs a few finishing touches, but even at this stage I am so pleased with my first ever mixed media project. needless to say I will be attempting this again. 


  1. It is really good to step outside the comfort zone now and again and it looks as if you must have had fun with this. Lovely cheerful design for a dismal morning.

  2. A stunning piece - so much gorgeous colour and texture x

  3. Good for you Caz! I would love to take such a class. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  4. A great canvas Caz, not wonder you're pleased with the end result. Love how the script layer is still visible.
    Great to see you Sunday.
    Avril xx