Fat Pages Swap

What is a Fat Page Stamping Swap----
A piece of card 4 inches x 4 inches is decorated using stamping to meet the theme/technique given.
On the left side you need to be sure NOT to add any embellishments to the outer 1/2" to allow holes to be punched into the card, to add split rings or cord etc. It can still be painted or decorated.
Don't add the holes to the one you will sending for a swap, they may not fit where the recipient has her rings. Embellishments can be added. The reverse needs to have your name -  name, date ,Theme, as with an ATC but please remember the back will be seen when the person adds the next page, so add some colour or nice paper or paint it, lightly decorate but NO EMBELLISHMENTS ON THE REVERSE PLEASE.

Please remember to leave approx 1/2" non-embellished on
the LEFT side of the FRONT AND the RIGHT side of the BACK.
The thickness of the card is very important, if it is too thin it will crease too easily, if it is too thick, the person receiving it may not have the tools to punch holes in it. I don't understand gsm weights etc, but a guideline for me is if you can crunch it, it is too thin, if you can't fold it, it is too thick.

My Book to hold my Fat Pages ( 2011 - 2012)

My New Book for 2013 

A few of my older swaps


Steampunk Sally

A Woman

A Rainy Day


Christmas Fairies


Merry Christmas


  1. I haven't made any Fat Book Pages for years so maybe now is the time to start again.

    Thank you for the opportunity

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. I'd like to join in Carole


  3. wonderfull pages great....
    love the way you've done your books
    glad you join the Team