Sunday, 17 July 2011

St. Luke's Challenge Week 3

Hi to everyone, wishing you a happy Sunday. I do hope there will be less rain today. It being Sunday reminds me it is the day I enter my weekly card to the St. Luke's Charity Card Challenge. This month it is a colour challenge, to use black and white and ONE other colour. My 3rd card includes the colour Red. I used the Creative Expressions Vintage Games stamp set for the card, which could be suitable for a man or woman.
I need to put my thinking cap on for next Sunday, I have used, pink, turquoise and red, now what next?


  1. Oh this is fabulous. I'm hoping I might be able to join in with this one!

  2. Lime Green? just a thought. Brilliant card. XOXO Zoe

  3. Brilliant card - love these images. Black, white and red - perfect! Thanks for your continued support of St Luke's charity card challenge. Can't wait to see what you have for next week!!! Perhaps yellow, orange!!

  4. What a great card and fab images.
    Thanks for your support once again for St Lukes charity card challenge....


  5. Yet another fabulous card Cazro. Looking forward to your next one. Thank you for your continued support at St Lukes Charity Card Challenge.
    Lynne xxx

  6. This is a genius idea for a card Cazro - very unisex like you say. I will have to add this stamp set to my wish list.
    Thanks a million for your continued support of our challenge.
    Tara x
    St Luke's Charity Card Challenge Founder