Sunday 15 July 2012

Is it just me - Blogger problem-AGAIN!

Is it just me?
On Friday I entered two new posts, one to be published today, Sunday and one for tomorrow. Since I entered them both, I have not been able to access my Pages. When I click on Draft - I got a message which told me it was an error to refer to  bx-10x30o . I have had to re-do my new post for today and presume I will have to again tomorrow. I am off to Blogger support to see if I can find out what the going on..So, if there is an identified problem to have a code, is it just me? I doubt it. Check to see if your posts are there my blogger friends.
I've listed my problem but no help whatsoever!!!!!
Tuesday - 10th July -UP-DATE - I did report the problem of having no access to my POSTS to Blogger Forum, so I don't know if the problem has been resolved by them or not but I am THRILLED to report I have back my list of POSTS. Thank you to whoever or whatever - I am once again a HAPPY BLOGGER.


  1. Not just you - it's me too. I'm trying to do a mega catch up after being away but can't comment on some (not sure if my comment on your CD Sunday one will pop up for you)and other pages won't load. Grr.
    Beryl xx