Monday, 23 July 2012

My Post Problem is Back AGAIN!

Is it just me?
On Friday I entered two new posts, one to be published today, Sunday and one for tomorrow. Since I entered them both, I have not been able to access my Pages. When I click on Draft - I got a message which told me it was an error to refer to  bx-10x30o . I have had to re-do my new post for today and presume I will have to again tomorrow. I am off to Blogger support to see if I can find out what the going on..So, if there is an identified problem to have a code, is it just me? I doubt it. Check to see if your posts are there my blogger friends.
I've listed my problem but no help whatsoever!!!!!
Tuesday - 10th July -UP-DATE - I did report the problem of having no access to my POSTS to Blogger Forum, so I don't know if the problem has been resolved by them or not but I am THRILLED to report I have back my list of POSTS. Thank you to whoever or whatever - I am once again a HAPPY BLOGGER.

Monday - 23rd July - Oh! No! The problem is back again.

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