Friday, 19 October 2012

S is for Spooky!

So quickly are the weeks passing us by, we are now up to the letter S at Alphabet Challenges, I was so lucky to be the one to choose the theme for this fortnight, especially at this time of the year, I didn't need to think for long, for S could be Spiders, Snakes, Skulls, Skeletons. Slithery creatures, yes, in one, anything to fit Halloween. Just over a year ago I started to make a SPOOKY BOOK, an opportunity to divert my dark side into one project, after last October it has been put away until the beginning of this month. I have created the fourth page (and more) and will probably continue until the end of October then put it away again. It doesn't seem right to be working on it during January or Spring. If you would like to see the front cover and other pages please go here.

I have used such an eclectic mix of materials, too many to mention, but the papers are from My Mind's Eye,
the majority of stamps are from Tandastamps, with a TH bird. I've no idea who made the large skull stamp another super find on E-bay. Have fun reading the poem. I greatly look forward to your popping onto your blogs to see your creative S is for Spooky projects. Remember it does NOT have to be a card. Have fun.


  1. This is fabulous so different love the design. Caroline xxx

  2. What a great book. You've put so much work into creating this and it's beautiful (if that's the right word for something spooky?!) Have a great weekend, hugs Buttons x

  3. Wow! This is stunning - much love and care gone into the making. What a lovely keepsake to celebrate your 'dark side'! Lol Jx