Saturday, 23 March 2013

Addicted to CAS - Spring

Addicted to CAS this week appropriately for the time of the year, in the UK,  our word is SPRING - 

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It is such a shame that despite the calendar telling us it is now Spring, the weather in the UK is still delivering us winter weather, with snow, extreme cold, wind, heavy rains. We at home are still feeding the birds, we've just put up another small bird feeder with seeds. Oh! when will it be spring?
Back to my card. For me yellow, and pale green represent the beginning of spring, hence my choice for my Spring card. the matted image onto yellow is from only one stamp, which I love, one of my bargains. I bought this wooden stamp for £2 only, sadly the maker's name has been scribbled over. To apply the separate colours of ink, I rely on every day sticky tape. I tape the outer two images, add ink to the centre, remove the outer two tapes, add the different colours to each edge, huff and puff and stamp. I know this sounds elementary, but it took me a few bad stampings before I thought of it, so hope it may help someone else. Have fun with your CAS of Spring, and long may your Spring arrive in the UK. 


  1. Hi Caz

    This is a great card with the very feeling of emergence of spring........unfortunately the weather's got a different way of thinking at the moment! Great description of how you colour your stamp with different inks - that's the method I always use, including sticky tape!

    Karen x

  2. Lovely spring card Caz, we have loads of snow right now so no signs of spring !


  3. Beautiful card CAZ and the colours are divine vey early spring. Thanks for the sticky tape tip !


  4. I like this a lot Caz... lovely.
    Suzi B x

  5. Lovely card Caz!! Such a gorgeous stamp and I like how you broke it up into three parts, each featuring a beautiful spring color. Loll xx

  6. Caz so sorry Spring hasn't reached you yet in the UK but this card sure screams Spring! Your stamping is lovely and thanks for the tip about the tape! Hugs, Harriet

  7. Just right for Spring Caz and hope it makes Spring come a little quicker for us in the UK

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Great card Caz. Love the soft colours. Fab stamping.
    Florence x

  9. This card shouts "Spring" to me too Caz, I love the colours you've used.
    Thanks for the tape tip, and I use Post It's in the same way

    Bev x

  10. Such soft spring-like colors! Lovely card!

  11. Caz,

    this is really a soft and sunny creation. Could you please send me some sun? It's still winter in Germany :(
    Great CAS card!