Friday, 18 May 2012

Normal Service will Resume.....

as soon as I am feeling better. I have a rotten sore throat, associated with as many awful unmentionable symptoms as you can imagine. Can't be bothered. Yet I have have got to get pulled together tomorrow, to finalise the arrangements for the Workshop I have planned for Mr & Mrs. Stampman to demonstrate wonderful techniques, on Saturday. I have been so looking forward to it since it was first arranged. keep away from bugs they aren't friendly ones these days.


  1. Oh no! Shall I add a facemask to my list of things to bring! Lol. Hope you are feeling a little better tomorrow, hun - Pat and I are driving up this afternoon and staying at the usual tonight. Really looking forward to seeing you and meeting Jill. Gentle hugz, Jan xx

  2. Take care Caz, we need you tomorrow.
    Yvonne x

  3. Hi Caz, hope you're feeling better, wouldn't want you under-performing! I am really looking forward to the workshop.
    Take care,
    Avril xx

  4. Hi Caz, oh poor you, hope you feel better tomorrow. I was talking to Jill at Port Sunny last Saturday, sounds like you will be having a great day, wish I could join you