Saturday 3 March 2012

Postcard Weekly Challenge 2012 Wk 9

Here we are Week 9 in Switzerland, well most of the Postcard challenge travellers are but of course Hermione is still in Hogwart's School, she rummaged in the box of postcards her father sent to her, to find one of Switzerland. I am not very happy with this week's postcard, I feel it's a mess. I seem to have slipped into regularly making collage cards, for I am no artist, I am a crafter. My only  knowledge of Switzerland began  when I was a child, I adored the book 'The Story of Heidi' and other books of her later adventures. Other bits of information are collated on the card.
As a retired nurse I have a great interest in the history and organisation of the Red Cross.
Other pieces of knowledge of Switzerland are it is a politically neutral country, an extremely wealthy country. Banking is a large industry - hence the money on my card. Perfumery and chocolate making of course. I'm late and I don't even like my Swiss postcard, this has not been a a good week for me, but I will continue.
Hermione's postcard message to her parents.
Thanks to those who visited my Cuba page, I greatly appreciate your comments. I'm off now to look at as many fellow travellers as I can, hopefully over the next few days I'll get to visit more than the last few weeks.


  1. your card is very good, it covers all switzerland has to offer. I think its great..

  2. your card is just fine, its a little treasure trove of memorabilia. Far,far better to make a card with techniques that you like and using images that have meaning to you, than going for something that you have no interest in. Every card has equal merit as far as I am concerned. x

  3. What do you mean your not happy with the card- Like Mags21 stated it covers lots of Great things about Switzerland
    P.S. I'm a RN too

  4. I think you did a fantastic job on your card. Collages are so much fun. I really like the way you did the letters, they are really cool.

  5. I love your collaged cards!! So much interest and texture! And how can anything with chocolate on ever look messy :D XXX

  6. I think your card is great, it gives a real taste of what the country offers.
    Yvonne x

  7. Like your collage work and well done with all the research to make it.
    Jen x

  8. Great theme about the Red Cross. You can do collage very well, I struggle every time I try.

    Janet xx

  9. I love the card. You did a fabulous job of incorporating many aspects of Switzerland ... Beautiful <3

  10. I agree the red cross is a magnificent establishment,

    I like what you did with your postcard this week,