Saturday, 31 March 2012

Week 13 - Turkey Postcard Challenge

Here we are at Week 13 in Darcy's Postcard Challenge, which brings us to Turkey. I have needed to rely on a few search programmes to find out more of this country. Before I start on the pictorial side of my postcard, I think maybe after our first 3 months maybe it is time for me to refresh the story of Hermione and her parents, from the clues previously given. Sorry it is a long post.
The story so far .....................
If you are one of the few people in the world who know nothing about Harry Potter books, you may find this difficult to follow, or hopefully at least interesting. Hermione is a 11 year old girl who begins her witchery education at Hogwart's School. We know early in the book, Harry is an orphan, Ron his friend, has a large family and we frequently meet his parents Mr. Mrs. Weasley, however,  Hermione, the main girl in the story, her parents, as far as I recall are not mentioned in any of the books, so I wanted to create a family for her. It seems her parents are travelling the world, for they send her a postcard every fortnight from wherever they are. In turn Hermione, who of course, most of the time is in her boarding school, can not travel, but her Father sent her a huge bag of foreign postcards for her to use, with a packet of foreign envelopes to use as was needed.  In one post Hermione commented, 'No one will ever find me here.' Since the early days, they now use the Owl Post, but they still need to use the appropriate country's stamps in case they are intercepted.  Herminione's parents are Muggles, in other words, non witch/wizard, ordinary people without the gift. In another post Hermione commented how she found it hard sharing with a large class of pupils, so different to having a tutor.  Mrs. Grainger commented in Belguim how her wedding dress had been made with Bruges lace. (very expensive). Hermione has expressed curious interest into why her parents are travelling the world, she suspects it has something to do with her magical powers. Her mother has said she will explain all later.
Her father has spoken to the Annual Conference Meeting of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in Switzerland and a local committee in Israel. The postcard from Canada gave a huge hint, "We learnt so much in Wales, to help us in our search, to secure your future, we can stay another week in Canada. Hermione and her grandmother in half term popped over to Amsterdam to visit some old family friends. ....................................the story continues.
Turkey, is an ancient country with some amazing and surprising facts, if you want to know more go here.
My postcard is a collage of some of the information I found.
The background is of a Turkish carpet. The Turks, introduced coffee and cherries to Europe, they gave the Dutch tulips. St. Nicholas, Santa Claus was born in Patara, Turkey, 70% of the world's hazelnuts are grown in Turkey, The Orient Express exclusive train ran from Paris to Constantinople (now Istanbul) from 1833 - 1977. Istanbul is the only capital in the world which stands between two continents- Europe and Asia.

Thanks to everyone who visits my postcard challenge, I hope you enjoy reading of Turkey, as much as I have.I always read and appreciate your comments. I again look forward to our next destination where no doubt I will learn even more of another country. I continue to enjoy visiting you all, but I'm sorry if I don't leave a comment, mostly it is because I can't cope with the verification which thinks I'm a robot.


  1. Love your premise and love your card! I'm a Harry Potter fan so I'm REALLY into what you're it!!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. I love how you have taken such well loved books and added your own story to them. The card is great, I love that Santa Claus made it in there.

  3. great postcard...a really good read.thanks for all the info...

  4. Another great postcard with loads of information.
    Yvonne x

  5. Great postcard, I love reading all the info about the various countries, and of course, the story continues!
    Avril xx

  6. Can hardly believe you got all that info into one postcard! Love all the layers! ♥
    I did read all the Potter-books, twice... Can read them all over again, just can't get into the films. Don't really like them! :)

  7. What fun postcard! :) Thanks for the facts! :)