Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chocolate Request

For this week's free choice at Try It On Tuesdays, Michelle asked for some Chocolate, well she was secretly hoping to get some for her birthday. Belated happy birthday. We can make anything we like but to think of Chocolate. I hope it's not too long before Michelle receives her mug, with a sachet of hot chocolate, one chocolate chip and one caramel chocolate cupcake in the post. The template for the kraft card mug is from Mirkwood Designs The cupcake templates are from Vol. 1 Of AnnaMarie Designs DVD. I made the cases with corrugated card, fancy papers, the cherries are stamped from the Fruit set of stamps by Sheena Doulass on Creative Expressions plate. Flowers, glitter glue, ribbons and a few choclate heart brads. All totally calorie free, not recommended to be eaten but they can sit on her desk for as long or as short a time as she wishes. I greatly enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful Woman Tags this last week so come on ladies, let's be seeing how you deal with Chocolate.


  1. Hi Cazro: What a nice gift- These look yummy enough to eat! I don't know if I could resist actual chocolate if they were sitting on my desk. LOl.
    aka Celticrafter

  2. It looks yummy Caz, lovee the calorie free bit.

  3. what a fab looking gift she will love it

  4. Fantastic! Michelle is a lucky girl to be receiving this. xx